How to Encourage Children to Clean Up Their Mess

Children are known for having no sense of order. They simply don’t care or unable to understand the importance of tidiness. You must know that children have more important things to do than simply cleaning the room, they want to watch TV.

They want to play or even pursue an artistic passion. Kids may have many things going through their minds, which reflects on their outward appearance (hint).

Talk to them

Without too many questions try to figure out what is bothering them. The best thing you can do is to let them want to clean their rooms. Make it easier for them to want to organize. Lead by example.

Make it a Game

Reward them for cleaning themselves. Children like bribes. Figure out a way to turn it to an enjoyable activity rather than something they have to do.

It Starts with You

Understand that yelling and giving orders will often yield negative results. Instead, you should aim to provide them with an example and show the benefits of cleaning up, like not having to search for hours and remembering where you put your keys.

Use it to Build Trust

Lend them a hand. Use the situation to communicate with them and connect with their feelings. Show that you care and they will follow.

Start Small

Extremely messy children will not start cleaning their mess overnight. So you should be patient. Gradually and gently, inspire them to focus on one aspect. One little thing that they can do every day when they start noticing the difference, they will be encouraged to take it to the next level.

It is a Habit

Building a practice can be difficult, but if you start instilling the habit early on, it will be easier for your children. In the beginning, do it yourself, teach them while you are doing it. Step by step, let go and let them do it themselves.

It is a Labor of Love

Don’t force them to do it, instead, inspire them to do it out of love and respect for you. This part is hard to build. If let them understand that it is something important for you, they may be motivated to want to do it for you. Ultimately, it benefits them the most, but you get the idea. Down the line, good habits will lead to responsible adult choices, like keeping a good credit score.

Engage their friends

If they invite their friends or neighbors over, it is a great to demonstrate why it is important to look respectable in front of them. A practical approach would be encouraging all of them to clean the mess, that way you can interest them in having a cleaner environment to play in.

The last resort

Things can escalate quickly, and if you lose your authority, it is hard to rebuild it. That is why you need to be assertive. If everything fails, try playing on their ego and wellbeing, if they have a complete disregard or misunderstanding of this point. Don’t fight or lose your temper.

If you do all of the above or a combination, you should see positive results in a relatively short time.